Hello K.A.S aspirants or IAS aspirants or any other exam aspirants

K.A.S Aspirants

Only 36 days left for your upcoming civil service exam, here we come up with our most trusted best selling e-book for All competitive exams in india. This e-book can be an asset for aspirants like you, which helps you get additional marks for which you dont know the answer.

As you  know the difference between an successful and unsuccessful candidates is “Little marks” or GAP of Little marks”, with the help of this book you can bridge this GAP and helps you in getting additional marks which plays a crucial role in cut-offs for getting eligibility for Mains exam.

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This e-book helps you to select most possible answer, in situation Like

1.When you are in 50:50 situation for the answer options

2. When you confused between the 2 most possible answer options

3.When you in “NOT sure” situation

4.When you “completely Dont know the answer” , instead of Blind ticking the answer it helps you to select best possible answer option

5. It alerts or hints you to skip or avoid the question or answering the question for maintenance of cut-off target and negative marking

6.It helps you to take “calculated risk” of getting additional marks

Many more when you read the book.This book revealed as many as 15 secrets of answering question.


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